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To make a safe and profitable investment you need professional help. It´s sound very easy to buy a property and make a refurbishment and after that rent it out or sell it, but there are many steps before, in between and after which can go wrong. After over 15 years in real estate business in the Marbella area, we have the experience to lead our clients through this complicated process and eliminate the pitfalls for them. We have been working with property investment from 400.000€ to 8.000.000€.

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Investment in Sierra Blanca

One of our clients didn´t find his dream property on the market. We had the oppertunity to help him with our connections so he could join two penthouses togehter on the drawing board. Early meetings with the developer and builder made this dream come through. Now he is the owner of a 1000 m2 Penthouse with private pool on the roof and private elevator from the underground parking up to the property. Are you our next client?

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Buy the right property and make the refrubishment and after that, rent out or sell…

If you would like to make a short term investment we would recommend you to sell after we have made the refurbishment and interior design. Many of our clients also keep the property for 5-7 years and hand over the the management and rentals to us. During this time you as an owner can also use the property and make longterm rental income. The property will also increase in value and during 5-7 years so you will have a double effect of your investment, the rental income and the increase of value of the property. The extra bonus is that you also can use your property some weeks every year.

Below a couple of examples of refurbishment and interior design. You will also find other property refurbishments we have done under interior design

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