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Visit one of many Fiestas or take a “day trip” to historical Sevilla, Cordoba or Malaga

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Celebrate Spanish holidays in style

The best way to get to know the Andalucians is to visit one of the many local fiestas. But you can also experience a different side of Andalucia by taking a day trip to one of the near by cities and feel the big city pulse.


The best way to get to know the Andalucians is to visit one of the many local fiestas. There are thousands of different fiestas celebrated throughout the year; here are two that you can find in any town or village.

Easter – Semana Santa or “Holy week” 

Easter – Semana Santa or “Holy week” is a very serious but magnificent fiesta where people slowly parade through the streets carrying statues of Christ on the Cross with the Virgin Mary in mourning. The most outstanding Easter week processions are in Sevilla, Malaga and Cordoba, though the parade is worth seeing in any town or village. The processions take place during the week leading up to Easter Sunday.

Summer Fairs

Every town and village in Andalucia has its own feria. The fair takes place in the streets so traffic and businesses are closed for the week and instead food is served and music is playing on every corner. It is a feast of joy with a lot of singing and dancing. The first feria of the year takes place in Sevilla in April, two weeks after Semana Santa and the last is in San Pedro de Alcántara in mid October. Marbella has its feria the second week in June and is the most important festival for the town.

City culture

Even if Andalucia is quite rural you can enjoy some city holiday as well. If you fancy the big city pulse and all the cultural activities cities can offer we can recommend a three day trip so you can visit Sevilla, Cordoba and Malaga at the same time. This is a perfect opportunity to see Andalucia from a different angle and a well worth trip especially if you are staying here during the cooler parts of the year. It can get extremely warm further inland in the summer months.


Sevilla is one of the largest historical centres in Europe with a fascinating history. Here you can find remains from Roman time (Italica), as well as the Moorish kingdom. The town is filled with sights to see so don’t forget to visit the old city. Sevilla is the larges city in Andalucia and the hometown of Figaro, Carmen and Don Juan. The town has of course plenty of museums and art galleries. If you like theatre you should visit Theatro Lope de Vega. Here you can enjoy flamenco shows as well as modern and classical plays and concerts.


Cordoba is of Roman origin and was one of the biggest cities in the world 1000 years ago. The town’s glory days were as the capital of the Moorish empire. The town is filled with sights of both Roman and Moorish time. The mosque of Cordoba is a must see. It dates back to the 10th century and was once one the biggest mosque in all of Islam. After the reconquest in 1236 the Christians didn’t tear it down but built their cathedral inside the mosque, creating the amazing church-mosque that still stands today. The town also has some beautiful museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts.


Malaga is about 3000 years old and has been under Phoenician, Greek, Roman and Moorish rule. The town, with its location and harbour, has throughout history been at the centre of events. The major landmark is the fortress La Alcazaba from the 8th and 11th century. It is today an archaeological museum well worth visiting. Malaga is perhaps best known as hometown of Picasso and for those more interested in film, Antonio Banderas. If you visit Malaga you shouldn’t miss the new Picasso Museum, Banderas you can bump into at Theatro Cervantes where he once acted or in Marbella were he lives parts of the year.

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