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Why not visit the Rock of Gibraltar or the surfers and bird-watchers paradise Tarifa

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Visit Gibraltar

In Andalucia you will find sights and activities in every direction. If you fancy going south west and follow the costal highway you will after about 45 min end up in British Gibraltar. Why not take the opportunity to visit windy Tarifa at the same time.


If you come to the Costa del Sol, a visit to Gibraltar is a must. It’s only a 70 km drive along the coast from Marbella and you can see the Rock of Gibraltar from almost everywhere along the coast.
The Rock of Gibraltar is the entrance to the Mediterranean and the strategic location and history has made it famous. Gibraltar is connected to Spain by a strip of land and by a ferry to Morocco and has been British since 1704 but has a long history of repeated conquests. Gibraltar is probably most famous for the rock apes but there is much more to see. A rock tour is recommended if you want a good view of the sights. City Gates and fortifications, Parson’s Lodge and the World War II tunnels illustrate the military importance of Gibraltar.
Why not see the place everyone talks about and form your own opinion. Don’t forget to do some shopping, Gibraltar is said to be “the shopping centre of the Western Mediterranean” with the most tax reduced prices in Western Europe!


Tarifa, “the windy city”, 11 km across the Straits of Gibraltar, is the southern most tip of Europe, just where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. The wild coastline attracts surfers and bird-watchers.
This little fishing town was the first point of the Moorish invasion in 711 AD. Sights to visit are the 8th century Jerez Gate and the Arab castle of Guzman the Bueno, built in 960 AD on what is assumed to be an old Roman fort.
Tarifa has become the most popular resort for wind-surfing and kite-surfing and the beaches north of the town are ideal for this. Because of the hazardous winds, Tarifa is considered to be too much of a challenge for a beginner and therefore more suitable for the experienced. Surfer or no surfer, the view of the Moroccan coastline is reason enough to visit this town and there is also a daily ferry from Tarifa to Tangiers.


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